Thanks for Stopping By.

Hello, I’m Savannah!Headshot

Here’s an opportunity to get to know me in about 5 minutes or less:

  • Wife
  • Family First: Always.
  • Lover of music: No seriously, I have just about every single genre of music in my library. I appreciate it all.
  • Lover of Cooking: I love turning fresh ingredients into a delicious masterpiece that I can devour later. (My husband’s a fan of that too!)
  • Lover of dogs: Self explanatory. 🙂
  • Lover of crafts and interior design: Pinterest, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx are my bread and butter.
  • Lover of sports: I’m a competitive person with a passion for sports. Basketball in particular! (Trying to learn how to golf, but we all know how frustrating that process can be.)
  • Let me be outside: I’m a huge fan of the great outdoors – gardening, fishing, taking a walk, boating, etc.
  • People person: I love connecting with people. Everyone has a unique story and I love learning about it.
  • Lover of the business world: Marketing in particular!


Thanks for stopping by.



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